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 What ripple effect will you use to spread the news of your new sound?


Soundwaves has increased the services provided to you with our new music video division.

Rebecca has been teaching students the art of music video making for 9 years, and produced a large variety of music videos and short films as the Acting Department Director at Experience Arts School. She is now offering her skill set to clients at Soundwaves. 

We specialize in illustrating your song with a story or theme to give it the most possible attractive dimension. Give us a call to see if what we offer will meet the needs of your vision.

Souls for Robots

One World Government

One World Government:

Souls for Robots

Executive Producer:

Paul Barrett


          Rebecca Linton            


Rebecca Linton

1st AD:

Tabitha Bernick

2nd AD:

Sheila Patterson


Sheila Patterson

   Rebecca Linton

Art Director:

Rebecca Linton

  Sheila Patterson

Special Effects:

Sheila Patterson

  Emmett Hamilton


Ariel Russo

Director of Videography:

James Rinkenberger


Jason Wyatt

   Jason Cakebread


Amanda Hernandez

Sheila Patterson


Rebecca Linton

Amanda Hernandez


Brielle Block


Brielle Block

 Christie West


Paul Barrett

Music Producer:

James Linton



Lead Singer/Bass: Paul Barrett

Guitarist: James Linton

Keyboards: Jason Buchwald

Drummer: Russell Gargula

Lead Female: Becca Essenburg

Lead Male: Derek Neumann

Father Ghost/70’s Dad/Construction Man: Jim Harkenrider

Wife: Rebecca Linton

Brad: Jake Gurley

Homeless Man: Gary Sander

Family: Kim Brown

               Ally Moyers

               Aidan Moran

               Austin Moyers

               Aramina Nolte

Grandma Ghost: Dori Jung

Grandpa Ghost: James Rinkenberger

Mother: Kylie Grimes

Baby Thief: Sheila Patterson

Featured Coffee shop:

Lucas Tietz

 Reginald Rayford

Young Spirits:

Annastasia Moyers

  Ariel Russo

Heart Attack Victim: Dennis Tietz

Heart Attack Spirit:  Rachel Grimes

Cellist Spirit: Jori Mosier

Heart Attack Thief: Christina Sbraccia

70’s Mom: Tori Glawe

70’s son: Cameron Glawe

70’s daughter: Grace Brown


Reginald Rayford

Lucas Tietz

Krystal Lawrence

Frank Alaniz

Sharon Corea

Tabitha Bernick

Kylie Grimes

Gary Sander

David Bob

Krystal Garcia

Diana Garcia

Brielle Block

Jake Gurley

Chris Hernandez

John Patterson

Nsombi Bates

Veronica Narang

Keith Obit

Mayra Deztiney

Suzanne Parks

Rachel Phillips

Cameron Anthony

Jonathan Marz

Stacey Marz

Justin Crews

Jessica Whitman

Michael Krozer

Jim Harkenrider

Alyssa Walsh

Blake Wegele

Svetlana Madsen

Obadiah Madsen

Joshua Hernandez

James Linton

Special Thanks:

Experience Arts School

Hillsong Phoenix

Hambone Bar and Grill

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