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the crew

Musc Producer James Linton

James Linton

Owner, Producer,  Mix Engineer, Musician, and Contributing Editor for Online Audio Reviews

For over 20 years James has been performing, writing, recording, and producing music. He began guitar at the age of 4, has had operatic and speech level training, and taught guitar and voice lessons privately as well as publicly at Axis Music Academy in Michigan. James currently has four records available on iTunes which have sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, the Former Soviet Union, Scandinavia, China, Australia and Japan. James has been featured multiple times showcasing his guitar talent on Good Morning Arizona, and has had his song What I’m Living For played on KXAM and selected for a finalist in the VH1 song of the year competition in 2004.

James has performed at over 40 reputable locations in the valley, opened for Peter Frampton in CA, was acclaimed by Wayne Newton as a “class act” and immediately invited to Las Vegas to perform. Additionally, James was the sole performance act of the pre-Superbowl party for the New York Giants in 2008. Although James still loves creating music and performing, he officially retired as a performing/touring artist in 2008. Since then his focus and passion have turned to becoming an acclaimed recording studio entrepreneuer, producer, mix engineer, and developing new artists through his studio. He also is a contributing editor for audio hardware and software reviews for

His personal style of music that is available for purchase ranges from instrumental Classical and Latin Jazz to Contemporary Christian.  He will also be releasing a full length record of acoustic pop songs sometime in the near future. If you are interested in his music, below are the four albums he has written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced. Just click on the name of the album to listen or purchase.

I Will Fly

The Phoenix

Hip Hop Producer Mr. Croft

Leo Croft


Mr. Croft began his love for music almost 30 years ago when he joined his grade school band. During that time he became classically trained in music playing all brass instruments and nurturing his ear for music. 

That love grew into a profession when as an adult he began working in Chicago radio. He has made many connections in the industry, and started to learn how to create music that would stay current with, and also set trends. 

As a producer, he has written and produced for various artists. His forte is hip hop, but he's no stranger to creating music for soul artists and R&B.  He has contributed to many artists that were signed, and unsigned including Chicago legends Broadway, Bump J, and the Speedknot Mobsters. 

Beautiful Video Producer

Rebecca Linton

Music Video Visionary and Director,
Film and Theater Acting Instructor and Director


Not only Jim's loving and doting wife, Rebecca handles the scheduling and transactions for all Soundwaves guests.

She additionally navigates the marketing for Soundwaves, and does her best to support clientele and staff with their needs. She works as the Acting Department Director for Experience Arts School, a local non-profit arts school in Mesa, and is currently teaching a class on how to create and execute Music Videos. 

 At this school she has access to many choreographers, dancers, aerialists, actors, and musicians,  so please connect with her if you are interested in looking to hire. Additionally, if you are interested in working on getting your project amped with a video, but don't have much of a budget to work with, sit down and have a chat with

her to discuss your ideas, and she can try to give you some good direction.

The art circle would not be complete if she wasn't able to design your album cover! Check out the wall of fame on the website to see some of her work, and let her know if you are looking for a designer. 


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